About the Program

UPDATE: Next community engagement program is APRIL 18th, 2013 @ the Unitarian Church of Fresno from 6:00 -8:00pm. Join CCROPP, Central Valley farmers, rural store owners, and Ripe for Change producer for a discussion on accessing and supporting our local agriculture!!

Agriculture in California is facing a crisis that has local, national and global ramifications. Jed Riffe, producer and outreach director for the award winning, nationally broadcast PBS documentary “Ripe for Change”, is embarking on a 12 month Community Engagement Training Program.

Taking this award winning film and previously unused footage, we are creating a unique and worthwhile community engagement training program. The program employs the film and video modules with specially edited content as springboards for increasing awareness and leveraging the impacts of work already being done by key stakeholders in the sustainable agriculture and food systems movement in California.

The modules will include –

*The Edible Schoolyard feat. Alice Waters, David Masumoto and Miguel Alteri
*Oil and Agriculture feat. Richard Heinberg
*Atrazine and the Environment feat. Tyrone Hayes
*Maria’s Story feat. Maria Inez Catalon

We plan to develop and convene a Train the Trainer workshop that can be customized for delivery in three different communities: San Francisco, Fresno and Los Angeles. Each workshop will be designed to meet the unique and specific needs of each of the three cities.

We will be providing these digital tools to over 100 California organizations working to build a sustainable world.  We will also be offering compressed digital versions on websites and for inclusion in digital emails and newsletters. There is no charge to the organizations for the DVDs or the digital assets.

The subject of sustainability is a prominent one, and sometimes the amount of information can be somewhat overwhelming. Our program takes the issues at hand and delivers them in clear and concise video modules that cover all the necessary elements of the story in an appropriate and compelling manner.

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